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    to maintain order and discipline on school premises,... Student Journalist Discipline 1. Suspension, expulsion...expulsion, or otherwise disciplining students engaged in...accordance with Policy 5114, Discipline: Student Exemption and...Involuntary); Regulation 5114.1, Discipline: Suspension Procedures;
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    shall be subject to discipline. II. Appropriate Relationships...which may result in discipline and/or removal. K. CCSD...nature, may be subject to discipline or revocation or termination...Law Enforcement and Discipline CCSD employees and ...shall be subject to discipline, up to and including
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    reported aggressor’s discipline record following VI. Discipline A. Student Discipline 1. Discipline...Education. B. Employee Discipline 1.The provisions of...shall be subject to discipline, if appropriate. a. Shall be disciplined by written admonishment
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    administration also may not discipline an employee for making...shall be subject to discipline in accordance with Board
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